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We are one of the pioneer Digital Agencies in Malaysia and have been delivering consistent results for clients in many different industries around the world.

Let us show you how we can get results for your business using our proven methodologies that have worked for so many satisfied clients.

Our Digital Marketing Methodology

Building effective Digital Campaigns don’t happen by chance. It requires a proven formula that is customised to your industry and business. Our Digital Marketing Methodology has been consistently delivering results for clients.

Results & Track Record

9 Lives has been delivering effective Digital Marketing Solutions for clients from many different industries. Here are some examples of the different clients and Digital Solutions we have provided.
Higher Sign-ups and SEO ranking after Website Revamp

Higher Sign-ups and SEO Ranking after Website Revamp

Prior to rebuilding Unitar’s website, we studied the analytics and found that many visitors to the site were searching for University course fees and education costs after PTPTN loan deductions. We then built a user journey where a prospective student could get information on the fees and out-of-pocket expenses after PTPTN deductions in just 1 click. As a result we saw an exponential increase in the number of leads and Unitar's website started ranking on the first page for "PTPTN University".
Digitising the Insurance Sign up Process

Digitising the Insurance Sign-up Process

When Prudential was moving to a digital application process for sign-ups of insurance policies, 9 Lives Digital was hired to build the entire User Interface. The challenge was that the application form had many fields to be filled up and the agents had differing levels of competence when it came to using a tablet. Using a proper journey flow, native gestures of the tablet and colours, images and text, we built an app that was easy for both the agent and customer to use.
Offline + Online

Offline + Online

We built a totally integrated campaign for Bio Oil Dry Skin Gel where we got customers who bought the product in stores to upload a picture of their receipt on a contest campaign website. We then used image recognition technology to pull all the information from the purchase to understand the customers better. From there we then went on to build feedback, sales and referral campaigns.

Our Services

Digital Audit

If you have a Google Analytics Account and/or Facebook Fanpage or Ad Account set up, we can do a deep dive audit of your account and give you insights on who your customers are and strategies on how to improve the overall User Experience.

Website Build

We build customised websites that work towards achieving your business objectives. Whether it’s increasing sales, awareness, leads capture or any other objective, all websites are designed and programmed by our in-house team. We use the latest frameworks and ensure sites are Search Engine Optimised (SEO) by using onpage SEO techniques.

Digital Campaigns

We run fully integrated Digital Campaigns for creative display and content creation on various platforms such as Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and many others. Our focus is always on achieving your objectives. We are non-biased and will only recommend channels that we truly believe will best achieve your business objectives, in the most cost efficient manner.

Search Engine Marketing

(Multiple Variable Testing)

We have a proven methodology for Google Search Engine Marketing (SEM) that has produced results for so many clients. From the way the campaigns are set up, geographically targeted messaging, remarketing, language set up, A/B testing of landing pages and many other variable tweaks, we are able to maximise conversions at the lowest possible cost.

Customised Digital Solutions

We constantly update ourselves with the latest digital advancements and build customised Digital Solutions for clients. We have built Mobile Apps, Augmented Reality Solutions, Wearable Apps, Online Games and much more.

Content & Video Creation

Content is King but what kind of content gets royal attention? We create engaging content that resonates with your target audience and also encourages sharing.

Our Clients

We have worked with clients from many industries both locally and overseas.