Our Methodology

In-depth User Experience Design

Who exactly are your customers and what is it you want them to do? Perhaps your company has products or services that target different types of customers.

Before we can build the right Digital Experience for all these different customers, we must first understand who they are, what their motivations are and what it’ll take to get them to buy from you. Only then can we build the best possible Digital Journey for them towards achieving your business’ goals.

Building Personas

We start by first understanding your customers at a deeper level. Personas are user archetypes whose characteristics and goals represent the needs of the majority of your customers. What are their expectations, concerns and motivations? Personas add that human touch to what would largely remain cold facts in your research.
Data Collection - Collation and analysis of all qualitative and quantitative data on your customers

Empathise phase - Collection of data to build a picture of the people we are talking to

Describe Personas - We start to dive deeper and build clear archetypes for your primary and secondary target audience

Hypothesis building - By using methods such as Affinity Diagrams, we start to distill the needs/wants of the different personas. What is it they are looking for? Why should they buy from you?


Once we know who we are talking to and have built a hypothesis of what they’re looking for, we then start to formulate the funneling strategy. In simple terms, a funnel is a series of steps/actions that your customer will go through before finally taking the desired action such as buying your product or signing up for your service.

Different industries will require different types of funnels. For example, a company selling heavy machinery may want customers to download a brochure and leave a lead while a company selling toothbrushes may want customers to buy their products from their online store.