Our Methodology

Build, Track & Optimise

Once a Website or Digital Campaign is set up with the right tracking tools, we constantly monitor the performance to ensure that it’s on the right trajectory towards achieving the desired objectives.

Unlike traditional media of the past where results were only known after a campaign had been completed, Digital Media allows us to track performances almost in real time.

Data Analysis

Did you know that if you just looked at preset dashboards which platforms such as Google Analytics or Facebook Page or Ad Manager provides, you would just get very high-level information while you can get to a more granular level if you work with raw data?

We only work with raw data and use our Analytical Tools to dive a lot deeper which will give us better insights. We are used to dealing with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of data points.

Testing & Optimisation

With quantifiable data we are able to test different parameters such as copy, creatives, landing pages, languages, images, etc and make tweaks to the website or campaign on an ongoing basis.

We are able to test multiple options to the same target market and then see which one is the most effective. Perhaps customers from a smaller state will react differently to a different visual compared to those from the bigger cities. Or perhaps having the communication in Chinese rather than English gets more engagement. We have proven A/B Testing methodologies that have worked for many different clients.

After we narrow down the most effective variables, we then optimise the Digital Channels and continue Tracking the performance as customer preferences and behaviours change over time.